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Panhandle 4-H Association Board of Director’s Responsibilities

Be responsible for receiving, reading and being held accountable for Panhandle’s bylaws.

Determine the mission, values and policies of Panhandle, and periodically evaluate Panhandle’s success in fulfilling its mission, living up to its values and complying with its policies.

Attend all Board meetings, committee meetings and special board or organization events, or, if an absence is necessary, then to send an email stating that this absence will occur to the entire board before the meeting.

Report back to my county 4-H council to keep them informed of what the Panhandle board is doing and to coordinate what assistance my council can provide Panhandle.

Serve in leadership positions, on committees or undertake special assignments willingly and enthusiastically when asked.

Support Panhandle manager and refrain from intruding on issues that are the responsibility of management, except to monitor results.

Refrain from activities that may constitute a conflict or an appearance of a conflict of interest (whether professional, financial or personal) between one’s personal interests and those of Panhandle.

Always act for the good of the organization and represent the interests of all people served by Panhandle.

Only exercise one’s authority as a board member when acting in a meeting with the full board, or as delegated by the board.

Help the agency connect to the recipients and potential recipients of its services and programs.

Fulfill the functions of office set forth in Panhandle’s bylaws and described in this volunteer job description.

Create, review and approve strategic plans, major programs and an operating and capital budget.

Support in a positive manner all actions taken by the board of directors even when one is in a minority position on such matters.

Interact with other board members, staff, and stakeholders in a respectful and courteous manner.

Represent Panhandle, when asked to, to elected officials, funders and others with resources and influence to accomplish Panhandle’s goals.

Attend at least one Boards in Gear workshop every two years.


*All volunteers and board members are subject to a criminal background check*

Board Responsibilities – August 24, 2018