Staff Members:

Executive Director
Ginger Seslar
Camp Office: (360) 426-9523

Shawn Cross

Walter Donovan
Camp Host


Support Team:

David Myer

Dan Teuteberg
4-H Youth Development Educator


Committee assignments:

Internal Operations Chair- Linda

Ed, Corey

Issues: finance, operations budget, capital budget, rental fees, taxes, non-profit status, facilities, property, ropes course, livestock, maintenance, guest services, guest handbook, employee handbook, security, safety, programs, forestry.

External Operations Chair- Leanne


Issues: fundraising, grant writing, public relations, marketing, website, advertising, Panhandle sponsored events (e.g., fishing derby), membership and attendance in other organizations.

Governance Chair- Krag

Greg, Jim

Issues:  new board member recruitment, orientation of new board members, produces board materials, evaluates board performance, writes bylaws, articles of incorporation, board member training, board evaluations, board job description, business plan, strategic plan, policies and procedures (investment, accounting, BOD handbook, conflict of interest, emergency response, etc.), human resources, volunteers.





Board of Directors:

Rhonda Borden
President / Retired

3 year term, appointed in 2016. Term expires in 2019.

Greg Seals
Vice President / Mason County Firefighter

3 year term, appointed in 2016, reappointed in 2019. Term expires in 2022.

Leanne Gunter
Secretary / Restaurant Manager in Shelton

3 year term, appointed in 2014 and re-appointed in 2017. Term expires in 2020.

Linda Howarth
Treasurer / E.R. Nurse in Elma

3 year term, appointed in 2014, re-appointed in 2017. Term expires in 2020.

Krag Unsoeld
Board Member / Teacher in Olympia

3 year term, appointed in 2010, re-appointed in 2012 and 2015. Term expires in 2018.

Ed Swalander
Board Member / Retired

At large, appointed in 2015.

Jen Lamont Board Member/ Risk Management Specialist in Olympia

At large, appointed in 2017

Dr. James Weyrich Board Member/ Obstetrician

At large, Appointed 2018

Matthew Welander Board Member/ Mason County District 16 Fire Chief

At large, appointed 2019

Corey Whiteman Board Member/ Sales Management

At large, appointed 2019