Back to basics.

Experience the kind of learning and play you can’t find in urban spaces.

See science at work in the woods. Learn survival skills with your crew. Take your team through a low ropes challenge course. Craft your company’s mission statement in a lodge overlooking a private lake. Sit together under the stars.

Learn, explore, and connect with each other in a camp-tradition outdoor setting.

For more than 70 years, schools, businesses, churches, civic  groups, community leaders, and families have been creating memories at Panhandle Lake. Our year-round, indoor-outdoor facility is fully equipped for events of any size, from one-day board meetings to family reunions to weeklong camps.

We preserve the lake and its surroundings and maintain a wide array of on-site facilities so people can have traditional outdoor experiences together. We believe in making the beauty of Panhandle an option for our community, for the good of our community. Exposure to the outdoors in a place of simple fun and focused learning is an antidote to our fast-paced, tech-saturated childhoods and screen-heavy work environments.

When you meet and play at Panhandle Lake, you support its 70-year legacy and help keep this land available for future recreation and learning. By choosing our site, you also keep your event close to home and your funds in our immediate community.

An event at Panhandle embraces the basics that ground us all: Interaction with nature, meaningful work and play, and person-to-person connections.